If you’re looking to invest in a new and trending concept, an IV therapy franchise like The DRIPBaR might be the one that impresses you. We offer our clients a new type of health and wellness service: IV treatments designed to deliver maximum benefits quickly. The concept behind our business is simple: people absorb anywhere from 10-90% of the nutrition they get from food. The DRIPBaR helps to bypass the digestive system by instead introducing vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Here, learn more about how this concept works and its great potential for franchisees.

#1. People Love Our Services

The DRIPBaR is a new franchise, but we are growing rapidly across the country. Our customers love that they can choose a regimen that helps them meet their health and wellness goals. Whether they’re looking to boost their immune system or lose weight, we have a wide range of options to choose from. They can even decide whether they’d like a full IV drip experience or a brief IM Quick Shot when they have a few minutes to spare. It’s an entirely new take on the spa experience.

#2. A Wide Range of Customers

Our IV therapy franchise has something to offer everyone. We all have unique health challenges regardless of age, race, or creed. Lack of energy, headaches, and premature aging are just a few examples of what many people struggle with every day. Others are dealing with serious illnesses like cancer.

The DRIPBaR has something to offer just about everyone. Unlike other businesses that have narrow appeal among a targeted audience, ours has broad appeal among a diverse audience who come through our doors for a range of reasons.

#3. The Booming Health & Wellness Industry

The global wellness industry is booming, reaching a value of $4.2 trillion in 2019.

There’s no question that people are taking control of their health more than ever before. As medical costs continue to skyrocket in the U.S., many people are taking hold of their health by investing in everyday wellness. Millennials are an exceedingly strong driver of this growth, as they’re most likely to invest in stress management and wellness strategies like yoga. The DRIPBaR fits right into these well-established trends.

#4. IV Therapy Franchises are Perfect for Entrepreneurs

Are you a new investor looking to open your first business? Or an experienced investor with a strong portfolio? Wherever you fit, The DRIPBaR’s franchise opportunity could be an ideal match for you. We provide our franchisees with comprehensive training, showing them how to implement our streamlined business model and operational procedures. We also provide them with strong startup support, working with them as they find and build out their location, find their customer base, and grow their business. And, of course, experience in the health and wellness field isn’t required to invest.

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