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Experts agree that a healthy body fat percentage reduces the risk of numerous health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. This could be the main motivator to start exercising and implementing better eating habits.

In addition to setting realistic goals and finding your WHY, for shedding the pounds, we’ve put together some tips and tricks that will help you on your weight loss journey.

  1. Start your exercise routine in your comfort zone. Terrified of hitting the gym and pumping iron or sweating it out on the elliptical? Start in a place where you already feel established and comfortable–that could be in front of your TV watching your favorite show with some small hand weights for 20 minutes a day. Walking around your neighborhood may be something you already feel comfortable with. You can always boost your 30 minute walk to an hour or hour and a half gradually. Or maybe interval runs for 30 minutes instead of just walking? The possibilities are endless!
  2. Swap the sweets for fruit. It’s called nature’s candy for a reason. It’s sweet and will hit the spot- in addition to being jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs.
  3. Make healthier versions of your favorite meals. Substitute turkey bacon for regular bacon for breakfast or make a turkey burger with sweet potato fries instead of a regular burger and fries.
  4. Still hungry after a snack or meal? Snack on veggies. Slice up carrots, celery, bell peppers, zucchini, or broccoli at the beginning of the week to make for easy and healthy snacking.
  5. Find an activity you really like. Whether it be yoga, pilates, powerlifting, or HIIT workouts, find your favorite. Doing it with a friend (you can hold each other accountable!) always helps, too.
  6. Document your progress on social media. This can also really help to keep the accountability if you know others are watching. If you’re more of a private person, just sharing with one or two friends can keep you accountable.
  7. Cook a week’s worth of food beforehand. Meal prepping is one of the best ways to stay on track. Having a healthy meal that’s ready to eat can really take the guesswork out of what you’re going to eat, especially when you’re really hungry.

The DRIPBaR’s Weight Loss Program boasts a combination of guided nutritional behavior changes, infusions, supplements, and accountability methods that make this service truly different from others out there. We know this will be the last program you’ll ever need! Schedule your weight loss journey below!

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