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Ozone therapy has many benefits, which have been proven for over 50 years now. In fact, it was used consistently since the first world war to help treat infectious diseases. Even though the results were excellent, the method was not explored mainly due to funding and a lack of commercial interest since Ozone therapy is not patentable!

It’s emerged as an option in addressing difficult-to-treat infections, especially since we’re living in an era of increasing antibiotic resistance. Additionally, ozone is germicidal- it can kill bacteria without exposing individuals to the same risk profile as antibiotics.

Ozone therapy shows promise in reducing the risk of complications from diabetes. Complications often arise from oxidative stress in the body.

Research from 2018 indicated that ozone may correct oxidative stress by activating the body’s immune and antioxidant defenses and reducing inflammation.

Another study in 2019 showed that patients with diabetic foot ulcers benefited from ozone therapy by helping close the wound and reduced chances of infection. A 2015 study showed that this therapy helps with wound healing, which is a common side effect of diabetes.

Most notably, Ozone therapy is often used as a way to treat chronic or persistent Lyme disease and is an excellent way to manage the condition. Many Lyme specialists are turning to this particular form of therapy, because of its beneficial effects on the immune system, circulation, and cellular metabolism.

How do doctors and other healthcare professionals get their hands on ozone? It’s not like they can just grab it from the sky.

It’s actually cloned in a science lab. The gas can be transported anywhere and delivered to patients in many different formats. As a naturally-occuring substance that works with your body, Ozone therapy aligns with the philosophy that we promote at The DRIPBaR of supporting the body’s innate healing abilities.

Suffer no more! Seek relief today with Ozone therapy if you’re dealing with Lyme disease, an immune disorder, diabetes, or a breathing disorder.

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