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While your body needs small amounts of some heavy metals to function normally- i.e., zinc, copper, chromium, iron, and manganese- toxic amounts are harmful to your health.

If your body’s soft tissues collect too much of these substances, the poisoning that results can cause serious health problems.

Lead is known to contribute to high blood pressure, damage to reproductive organs, heart disease, brain damage, and dementia. Cadmium, nickel, and arsenic are known carcinogens. Aluminum increases the risk of dementia and other neurological disorders.

Gadolinium, once thought to be a harmless contrast material for MRI studies, has recently been shown to accumulate in the brain and other tissues such as the skin, bones, and liver. High mercury levels in the body can lead to lung damage, brain damage, vision problems, skin changes, and gastrointestinal issues.

Most of the time, we are unaware of heavy metals in our environment, but with these simple precautionary steps, you’ll be able to avoid some of the possible unwanted exposure and poisoning:

  • Wear masks and protective clothing if you work around heavy metals.
  • Keep shoes off after entering the house and limit dust, to avoid metals accumulating in dust and dirt, which they are known to do.
  • Pay attention to local fish advisories about mercury levels.
  • Be aware of potential sources of lead exposure.
  • Check for any heavy metals on the labels of products you bring into your home.

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In addition to the heavy metal testing, The DRIPBaR also offers two drips that assist with pulling toxic heavy metals out of your body.

Our ever-popular Time Machine drip is designed for people who are feeling well and want to stay that way. This drip also assists with pulling out lead and other toxic heavy metals while simultaneously flooding your body with vitamins in nutraceuticals that support healthy arteries, healthy skin, healthy organs, and a healthy brain.

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