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Our IV clinic franchise has been growing in popularity ever since we opened our doors. IV therapy is a cutting-edge service using time-tested IV technology. People have relied on IV drips for decades to provide them with much-needed medication, nutrients, and hydration. While they’ve typically only been available in a hospital setting, The DRIPBaR allows you to take advantage of IV drips whenever you feel like you could use a boost.

Unlike traditional IV services, The DRIPBaR IV clinic franchises offer drips and IM Quick Shots designed to help our clients reach their health and wellness goals. Learn about a few of the many people who have already made The DRIPBaR an essential part of their self-care routine.

1. Teachers

If there’s one group of people that has always tried to avoid getting sick, it’s teachers. In the past, they’ve been devoted to immune support products from dissolvable tablets, to vitamins, to lozenges. Now, they’ve added our Shield Lifestyle Drip to that arsenal. Shield is designed to keep their immune systems strong, so they can naturally fight off colds, bronchitis, sinus infections, and other illnesses that could keep them out of their classrooms.

2. Those Who Want to Look Younger

Who doesn’t want to maintain smooth, glowing skin at any age? The DRIPBaR IV clinic franchises offer a number of services designed to promote a healthy, youthful appearance. Our Firm Lifestyle Drip contains high doses of vitamin C, antioxidants including B complex vitamins, and biotin. By delivering these intravenously, we expect that they’ll have the best possible impact on your skin – and our clients love the results.

Incidentally, great hydration is one way to maintain healthy skin. Regular visits to The DRIPBaR for any of our services could help you stay hydrated!

3. Busy Parents and Professionals On-the-Go

Don’t have much time to invest in your health and wellness routine? If you can’t sit for an IV treatment, there’s an IM Quick Shot for you. These intramuscular injections are designed to quickly deliver a potent boost as quickly as a flu shot. There are many options to choose from:

  • IM Lean to support fat reduction
  • IM Detox to support a clean system
  • IM Supercharged to provide energy

Busy parents and professionals often don’t have much time for themselves but could use these benefits more than anyone. Stop by on a lunch break or while your kids are at a playdate to see their effects for yourself.

4. Cancer Fighters

The best way to fight cancer is to follow your doctor’s orders. The DRIPBaR offers a few drips designed to help cancer warriors by complementing their treatment regimens. For instance, our Health Support Drips may prevent cancer relapse, and our High C Health Support Drip contains high doses of vitamin C, which may boost the efficacy of cancer treatments.

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