From left to right: Kristine Kamilatos, Emma Ledford, Jessica Sena (Medical Director), Chrissy Kaltenbronn (Owner), Krysta Peterson, Christina Garcia, and Emily Saelens

What exactly is a DRIPBaR?

The DRIPBar is focused on helping people obtain their best health using advances in intravenous (IV) therapies. Our dedication to cutting edge treatments, commitment to community, and the excellence of our experts lead our drive in the industry. At The DRIPBar, everything we do is motivated by one fundamental focus – supporting the health of our clients. IV vitamin therapy is the fastest way to deliver nutrients throughout the body, and we cater to all individuals wanting to make this a part of their regimen. Whether they are healthy and want to stay that way, or fighting an illness or chronic disease, we have something for everyone’s unique personal health.

What are the health benefits like helping with jet lag, altitude sickness, hangovers or dehydration?

Our IV drips offer a wide range of benefits including free radical neutralizing antioxidants, mitochondrial enhancing micronutrients, boosting energy and metabolism, micronutrient enhancing health support, increasing the immune system, vasodilating effects that can help improve blood flow to the muscles, assistance diminishing muscle cramps and/or irregular heart beats due to a lack of certain micronutrients lost by sweat or excretion, enhancing collagen production, improving the hair, skin, and nails, combating symptoms of depression and stress, rehydrating the body, helping alleviate headaches, and helping replenish micronutrients that can be lost due to leaky gut syndrome, IBS, missing intrinsic factors, or other GI illnesses causing malabsorption. Our intramuscular (IM) Quick Shots offer a “skinny down” version of our IV drips. We can support clients suffering from cancer, chronic liver disease, neuropathy, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and high levels of toxic heavy metals.

Please explain the process?

The process is quick and easy for our clients. With the assistance of our outstanding and knowledgeable registered nurses and medical director, the client determines which IV or IM Quick Shot is best for them. It is compounded in our isolator hood, the IV is placed or the IM Quick Shot is received, and the client is on their way. An IV takes approximately 30-90 minutes. We pride ourselves in being the only company that is USP 797 compliant. What this means is that all of our IV drips and IM Quick Shots are compounded in an isolator hood that is located in our lab. Our staff and the isolator hood have gone through extensive certifications to create an added layer of safety for our clients. Our sterile compliance ensures peace of mind that all treatments are compounded in our isolator hood, making them free of microbial or chemical contaminants.

Chrissy, please share your nursing background and passion for launching this business?

I am a registered nurse and worked in the oncology/stem cell transplant unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. My passion and true joy is taking care of people. My husband, Kane, and I have been married for almost 14 years, and we have four children. What prompted my desire to work in the oncology field is having lost my mom and brother to cancer. During their battle, I always had a desire to find additional therapies to fight their cancer or the awful side effects in conjunction with traditional therapies. After being a stay-athome mom for several years, I am finally fulfilling that goal of being able to help cancer patients, as well as help individuals maintain their health and wellness to prevent sickness, cancer, and disease.

Can you offer any testimonials?

Yes, we have had an outpouring of positive affirmations from many of our clients. One client said we saved her life. She felt like she was going to die, and with continued IV Vitamin Therapy, she feels much better and stronger. We also have body builders and endurance athletes who say what a difference IV Vitamin Therapy makes with their workouts. COVID long haulers and clients with viruses have also praised our therapies with helping them feel better.

What’s your motto for looking and feeling optimal at any age?

My motto is “Health is a Lifestyle”. What this means is that you cannot expect results after doing something just once. You cannot expect to lose weight after eating one healthy meal, or get buff after one gym session. Health is a constant commitment to the only body we were given. Consistency and maintenance is required to develop optimal results. And with our treatments, consistency is key.

Share your DRIPBaR packages and holiday specials?

We have a special for all first-time clients. It’s 50% off plus a free B12 injection. We are also running a holiday special of 25% off the Restoration IV drip from December 24-31. This drip is for those times when too much of a good thing leaves you feeling not so great. The Restoration IV drip helps flush toxins out of your body, and infuses you with micronutrients, antioxidants, and fluid to help accelerate your hydration and recovery. One last special we are running is our exclusive membership club, which gives our clients 20% off our membership plans and four free B12 shots each month.

Please call to inquire more about our specials at .

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