The DRIPBaR is excited to announce the grand opening of The DRIPBaR Frisco on February 1st, 2022! The newest addition to the franchise is located at 3311 Preston Road, Suite #9 in Frisco, Texas, and will offer all of the popular DRIPBaR services, including IV vitamin therapy, quick shots, plus oral supplements and eventually Botox treatments!

Cutting-Edge IV Vitamin Therapy Coming to Frisco

Owned and operated by Frisco local Kishore Rollakanti, The DRIPBaR Frisco is the newest addition to the expanding DRIPBaR franchise. With a passion for helping people and a background in medical science (he received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering), Kishore is excited to bring The DRIPBaR’s cutting-edge medical benefits to Frisco.

The DRIPBaR Frisco will offer both walk-ins and scheduled appointments, and clients will have 18 different IV lifestyle or health-support drips to choose from – including the popular Power Pack, Shield, and All-Star therapies, which are designed to boost vitamins and antioxidants and neutralize free radicals.

The DRIPBaR Frisco is excited to serve the Frisco community. To celebrate their opening, The DRIPBaR Frisco is offering 50% off any drip service plus a free B12 quickshot when an appointment is booked before opening day (February 1st)!

Wellness-Boosting Infusions & Oral Supplements

Designed to offer quick doses of powerful and optimally-balanced nutrients and formulas, The DRIPBaR’s infusions are popular for boosting energy, detoxing from chemicals and toxins, improving overall health and vitality, and addressing more specific wellness needs.

Unique to this location will be the availability of a variety of oral supplements, including a multivitamin and one that supports hydration.

About The DRIPBaR

Founded in 2016 and franchising since late 2019, The DRIPBaR is a Rhode Island-based franchise focused on helping people obtain their best physical and mental health using intravenous therapies.

At The DRIPBaR, everything we do is motivated by one fundamental focus — supporting the best health of our clients. Through advances in cellular and biological science, we help them fight the consequences of chronic illness, address the effects of aging, and achieve a balanced wellness.

With so many modern medical breakthroughs, our team began reimagining how infusion-based treatments could be used, not only to help clients, but to introduce something for everyone’s unique personal health.

Book your appointment at The DRIPBaR Frisco today!

For more information, visit their location page.

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