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Coleen and David

The DRIPBaR is pleased to announce their newest premier location. The DRIPBaR Aberdeen, will officially open on November 22, 2022. The DRIPBaR offers a variety of health and wellness services, including IV vitamin therapy, intramuscular shots (IM quick shots), halotherapy, and much more.

To celebrate their opening, The DRIPBaR Aberdeen will offer 50% off your first drip, plus a free B12 quick shot when an appointment is booked before Opening Day! Contact us today to find out about our amazing pricing on our CellVie Founders Club Memberships. These memberships are offered to the first 50 clients and slots are running out fast!

Who are the business owners of The DRIPBaR Aberdeen?

The DRIPBaR Aberdeen is owned by Coleen and David Abrams. Coleen Abrams, PA-C has been a professional, Board Certified OB-Gyn Physician Assistant for the past 18 years, and David Abrams D.C. has been a chiropractor for over 30 years.

What inspired David and Coleen to open this business?

David had his first experience with drip therapy 40 years ago, before undergoing major surgery. He was given IV vitamins and nutrients for a week to build his immune system and gain strength before his procedure. This treatment helped him have an easier recovery, and this fundamentally impacted his life, inspiring him to explore infusion therapy in the future.

Coleen realized as she was getting older, she was feeling generally less energetic and depleted at the end of the day. She decided to go to her local wellness center to see if infusion therapy could work for her. After experiencing IV therapy for herself, she was amazed at the results. She felt fully revitalized and knew this was something she had to share with her community. The more knowledge they obtained, the more passionate they became.

With this vision in mind, Coleen and David decided to work together to bring the power of IV therapy to the community of Aberdeen and the surrounding areas of Monmouth County.

“The idea that we can improve our overall health and wellness through IV vitamin therapy is an extremely powerful concept,” said Coleen. “Our philosophy throughout our careers has always been to maintain our body’s amazing ability to heal itself through holistic and natural approaches.”

What can clients expect when coming to The DRIPBaR Aberdeen?

David and Coleen have worked tirelessly to create a full spectrum business to fully address their client’s needs. Clients will be able to feel great from the inside out by feeding your cells, and fueling your life. This full range of services ensures that clients get everything they need on their visit, while never leaving without a five-star experience.

For more information or to book an appointment, visit their location page.
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