The DRIPBaR Announces New Location in Arizona: Coming Soon to Phoenix!

The DRIPBaR is pleased to announce the opening of The DRIPBaR Phoenix on August 21, 2023! The franchise is located at 3165 East Lincoln Drive, Unit #112, Phoenix AZ and will offer all of the popular DRIPBaR services, including IV Drips and IM Shots.

A New Approach to Total-Body Wellness

The DRIPBaR Phoenix is owned and operated by Tony and Alana Pederson. Both Pedersons have careers in the technology industry, and in 2022 began looking for the opportunity to start their own business.

After coming across The DRIPBaR and discovering the incredible preventative benefits of their wellness therapies, the Pedersons haven’t looked back! Today, their long-term goal is to help people feel their best, educate them on nutrition, and improve the community of Phoenix.

The DRIPBaR Phoenix offers a variety of IV Lifestyle and IV Health Support Drips and will offer additional wellness services including Halotherapy, a cutting-edge new service that uses salt air to promote detoxification, improve respiratory health, and improve immune resilience.

Experience Innovative Drip Therapies in Phoenix

Designed to offer quick doses of powerful and well-balanced nutrients and vitamins, The DRIPBaR’s IV infusions may help with boosting energy, improving overall health, and addressing more specific wellness needs and health conditions.

Along with preventative health, these infusions may help with cancer support, vitamin deficiencies, and more. Clients can choose from oral supplements, which are companion add-ons to many IV drips.

The DRIPBaR is excited to serve the local community and bring cutting-edge IV vitamin therapies to Phoenix. To celebrate their arrival, The DRIPBaR Phoenix is offering 50% off any IV drip as well as a FREE B12 Shot when you book before opening day!

Appointments can be booked here!

About The DRIPBaR

Founded in 2016, The DRIPBaR is a nationwide franchise focused on helping people obtain their best physical and mental health using intravenous therapies.

The DRIPBaR is a game-changer in the world of wellness and health, harnessing the latest in cellular and biological science to help clients combat chronic illness, defy the effects of aging, and achieve optimal wellness. Constantly pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge treatments and medical breakthroughs, The DRIPBaR is bridging the gap between luxury concierge care and innovative medical treatments.

The DRIPBaR already has more than 600 additional locations in various stages of development across 28 states, with over 60 currently open and operating. For more information, visit their website.