The DRIPBaR is Landing in Edina, Minnesota!

The DRIPBaR is excited to announce the opening of The DRIPBaR Edina on March 21st! The franchise is located at 3515 W 70th St Edina, MN 55435, and will offer all of the popular DRIPBaR services and more, including IV vitamin drips and IM vitamin shots.

DRIPBaR franchise expands with newest location in Edina, MN

Owned and operated by Stacy Lemmer, The DRIPBaR Edina is the newest location for the growing DRIPBaR franchise.

Lemmer’s background in the medical device industry fueled her passion for preventative wellness, and particularly for those struggling with existing conditions. IV vitamin therapy with 100% absorption, is a preventative measure that targets cells for rejuvenation, helping you better maintain your health and ward off future illness. After working alongside doctors and patients for many years, she is thrilled to provide a new way to help people and give back to her community.

The DRIPBaR Edina will offer a suite of other cutting-edge wellness services, including Red Light Therapy, Halotherapy, an IR Sauna, and a forthcoming Corporate Wellness program. With this array of services, customers can choose from a range of effective treatments to achieve their wellness goals.

Cutting-Edge IV Therapy + Preventative Personal Wellness

Designed to offer quick doses of powerful and well-balanced nutrients and formulas, The DRIPBaR’s IV vitamin drips are commonly used for boosting energy, improving overall health, and addressing more specific wellness needs and health conditions like cancer, auto-immune diseases, and neurological disorders.

The DRIPBaR Edina is thrilled to bring the latest advanced wellness treatments to the local community of Edina, as well as the surrounding areas of Minneapolis, Minnetonka, St. Louis Park, and Eden Prairie!

To celebrate their opening, this location will offer 50% off any service on your first visit, plus a free B12 quick shot when an appointment is booked before March 21st!

About The DRIPBaR

Founded in 2016, The DRIPBaR is a nationwide franchise focused on helping people obtain their best physical and mental health using intravenous therapies.

Through advances in cellular and biological science, The DRIPBaR helps clients fight the consequences of chronic illness, address the effects of aging, and achieve balanced wellness. With a focus on ever-evolving treatments and medical advancements, the franchise hopes to shorten the gap between concierge and treatment-based medicine.

For more information or to book an appointment, visit their website.

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