The DRIPBaR Announces Newest Franchise in Skillman, NJ!

The DRIPBaR is pleased to announce the opening of The DRIPBaR Skillman on September 20th, 2023! The franchise is located at 1378 Rt. 206, Unit 14, Skillman, NJ and will offer all of the popular DRIPBaR services, including IV Drips and IM Shots.

Customized IV Drips & Wellness Therapies

The DRIPBaR Skillman is owned and operated by Syed Ali. He has had a longtime career in the IT industry, and recognized the growing demand for IV Vitamin Therapy in Skillman. Through the franchise, Ali hopes to build awareness around the wide-ranging benefits of IV therapy – and is thrilled to bring natural, custom, and healing wellness therapies to the community of Skillman and beyond.

Get 50% Off Your First Drip & Experience the Benefits of IV Therapy

Designed to offer quick doses of powerful and well-balanced nutrients and formulas, The DRIPBaR’s IV infusions are commonly used for boosting energy, improving overall health, and addressing more specific wellness needs and health conditions.

Along with preventative health, these infusions may also help with cancer support, vitamin deficiencies, and more. Clients will also be able to choose from various oral supplements, which are companion add-ons to many IV drips.

Whether you are new to IV drip therapy or have previous experience, The DRIPBaR is excited to serve the local community and bring these cutting-edge therapies to Skillman. To celebrate their arrival, The DRIPBaR Skillman is offering 50% off any IV drip as well as a FREE B12 Shot when you book before opening day!

Appointments can be booked here!

About The DRIPBaR

Established in 2016, The DRIPBaR emerged as a prominent franchise spanning across the entire nation. Its primary mission revolves around empowering individuals to achieve their utmost physical and mental well-being through the utilization of intravenous therapies.

Distinguished as a revolutionary force in the realm of wellness and health, The DRIPBaR employs advanced cellular and biological science to assist customers in combating chronic ailments, defying the adverse impacts of aging, and attaining unparalleled levels of wellness. By consistently pushing the boundaries through pioneering treatments and groundbreaking medical advancements, The DRIPBaR effectively bridges the divide between exclusive concierge care and innovative medical solutions.

The DRIPBaR already has more than 600 additional locations in various stages of development across 28 states, with over 70 currently open and operating. For more information, visit their website.

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