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Fort Oglethorpe IV Therapy

Embrace Mental, Physical & Cellular Wellness

There is no better time than now to take control of your health, and there is no better place to start than at The DRIPBaR Fort Oglethorpe. Whether you are a single parent looking for help fighting off colds and other illnesses or an athlete who could benefit from some additional energy, our Fort Oglethorpe IV drip bar is exactly where you need to be. We truly offer something for every lifestyle and can help anyone who wants to enhance their mental, physical, and cellular health. 

The DRIPBaR Fort Oglethorpe offers four primary focuses: Energy, Recovery, Immunity, and Anti-Aging. Our team will take the time to learn about your needs and lifestyle to help you determine which focus or program is best for you. Everyone is different, which is why we offer flexibility with our IV drips and shots. Our Drip Specialists will customize a drip that perfectly fits your needs and then mix it to order. All you need to do is sit back and relax while the IV delivers crucial vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream.

A Better You Awaits

If you’re ready to get a leg up on life, the The DRIPBaR Fort Oglethorpe team is ready to help. We offer a spa-like environment where you can relax while the drips feed your cells and fuel your life. Our drips are administered by our Drip Specialists, who are either RNs or NPs, and we adhere to strict cleaning and safety protocols. 

Obtaining your best health has never been easier, so schedule an appointment at our Fort Oglethorpe IV drip bar today to learn more!

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Lifestyle Quick Shot Flight for $150 Variety is the Spice of Life All 6 shots Reg. Price $300 Limit one flight per client

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