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If you’re ready to take charge of your health and take proper care of your body like it deserves, IV vitamin drip will give your body what it needs to take on whatever life throws its way. Traditional medical thinking is to react to bad situations as they happen. Vitamin therapy supples your body with the nutrients and fuel it needs to work properly and protect itself so the issues don’t happen in the first place.

The DRIPBaR Mt. Pleasant offers wellness IV drips for any lifestyle or health need by supplying your body with vitamins directly into your bloodstream so it takes effect faster and you feel the benefits longer. Your body is your vehicle through life. Take proper care of it, and it will take care of you.

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How Long Do the Benefits of IV Therapy Last?

Your IV Drip therapy session will take about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. Once it’s done, the effects last for about three or four days. As such, you should get them done at least once every month for to feel the benefits, and ideally once every two weeks or so for best effect. 

The membership options The DRIPBaR Mt. Pleasant provides 1 lifestyle drip per month at the basic package (Maintain) and 2 lifestyle drips per month at the next level (Improve). Much of it depends on what you need from your drip as well. When you come in for your scheduled appointment, we’ll walk you through what your best options are and make recommendations based on what you need.

How Often Should You Get IV Therapy? 

IV therapy is an efficient and effective way to replenish essential nutrients in your body. While it's tempting to undergo the treatment regularly, it's crucial to assess how often you should receive IV therapy. Your frequency should depend on your health goals, lifestyle, and medical history. If you're undergoing a period of high stress, exercising often, or recovering from an illness, you might benefit from frequent IV therapy sessions.

The best way to determine your ideal frequency of IV drip therapy is by consulting with a professional. By working together with our drip specialists can help you determine the best course of action tailored to your unique needs.

 Feel Refreshed, Rejuvenated, Renewed, Recharged

This new, exciting, and effective wellness treatment will revitalize your body at its fundamental, molecular level. Vitamin IV therapy at The DRIPBaR Mt. Pleasant is more efficient and longer-lasting than vitamins and supplements that you take orally.

The DRIPBaR Mt. Pleasant is on the forefront of a new industry using cutting-edge health and nutritional science. When you come in for your IV lifestyle drip, at our clinic on Long Grove Drive, you’ll be treated to clean and sterile facilities and be taken care of by licensed and trained registered nurses and nurse practitioners. 

To learn more about how vitamin IV therapy can enhance your health, call (854) 800-2377!

The Benefits Of IV Drip Therapy

  • Feeds Cells More

    Intravenous nutrients enter straight into the blood stream instead of the much slower digestive tract.

  • Supports Organs And
    Functional Systems

    Optimal nutrient absorption allows organs and drainage pathways to function at a peak level.

  • Neutralizes Harmful
    Free Radicals

    Antioxidants provided in drips help the body fight disease and injury by binding to free radicals.

  • Strengthens
    Immune System

    Intravenous antioxidants and nutrients are fully absorbed into the cells to boost the immune system.

Membership Options

Make IV Drip Therapy a Part of your Wellness Routine

  • Level 1: Maintain
    1 Lifestyle Drip per month
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    20% off regular drip price
  • Level 2: Improve
    2 Lifestyle Drips per month
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    25% off regular drip price
  • Enhance
    Membership Add-Ons Enhance your membership with Access to our Additional Services
    +$99/Month to Your Membership Fee

    The DRIPBaR Mt. Pleasant Services

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