The DRIPBaR Touches Down in Nashville, TN on January 23rd, 2023

The DRIPBaR is excited to announce the upcoming opening of The DRIPBaR Nashville on January 23rd, 2023. The newest addition to the fast-growing franchise is located at 67 Lindsley Ave, Nashville, TN 37210. They will offer all of the popular DRIPBaR services, as well as Red Light Therapy and Halotherapy.

Unique IV Vitamin Therapy Coming to Nashville

Owned and operated by locals Geoff and Kelly Scruggs, The DRIPBaR Nashville will be easily accessible from downtown Nashville, as well as the surrounding communities of Wedgewood Houston, Germantown, and East Nashville. After seeing firsthand how IV therapy can help people - particularly in their day-to-day lives - the Scruggs are excited about the ability to offer therapeutic immune system support, preventative anti-aging therapies, and hydrating IV therapy options that will help customers feel their absolute best.


With a passion for natural wellness therapies, Geoff and Kelly hope to build awareness around the wide-ranging benefits of IV therapy – and are excited to show people just how instrumental it can be in helping people achieve their health and wellness goals.


Clients will have 20 different IV lifestyle or health-support drips to choose from – including the popular Power Pack, Shield, and All-Star therapies, which are designed to boost vitamins and antioxidants and neutralize free radicals. To celebrate their opening, The DRIPBaR Nashville is offering 50% off any drip service, plus a free B12 quick shot on the first booked appointment!

Cutting-Edge Health & Wellness Options

Designed to offer quick doses of powerful and well-balanced nutrients and formulas, The DRIPBaR’s IV infusions are popular for boosting energy, detoxing from chemicals and toxins, improving overall health and vitality, and addressing more specific wellness needs and health conditions. In addition to their preventative health benefits, these infusions may also help with cancer support, vitamin deficiencies, and pre and post-op care.


Whether you are new to IV drip therapy or are an experienced dripper, The DRIPBaR is excited to serve the local community and bring these cutting-edge therapies to Nashville.

About The DRIPBaR

Founded in 2016 and franchised in late 2019, The DRIPBaR is a nationwide franchise focused on helping people obtain their best physical and mental health using intravenous therapies.

Through advances in cellular and biological science, The DRIPBaR helps clients fight the consequences of chronic illness, address the effects of aging, and achieve balanced wellness. With a focus on ever-evolving treatments and medical advancements, the franchise hopes to shorten the gap between concierge and treatment-based medicine.

For more information or to book an appointment, visit their website.