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Health is a Lifestyle

A busy life leaves little room for downtime, yet sometimes you don’t have a choice. Your immune system works hard to keep you well, and every now and then it could use a little support. At The DRIPBaR Scottsdale Horizon, we provide that support. Our Scottsdale IV drip bar takes a different approach to total-body wellness by focusing on preventative healthcare.

Diet, exercise, and traditional medicine are great habits, but to truly fight off illness, increase energy, and recover when you’re feeling down, sometimes your body needs more. Intravenous vitamin therapy gives your body the nutrients it may need by delivering them directly into your bloodstream.

We Set the Standard

The DRIPBaR Scottsdale Horizon is locally owned and operated yet backed by a national brand. We are at the forefront of an emerging industry and are excited to introduce people in our community to the incredible benefits of IV therapy. Our Scottsdale IV drip bar adheres to strict cleaning practices, we always mix your custom drip to order, and our Drip Specialists are all RNs or NPs. We offer convenient membership options to fit various budgets and lifestyles, so stop by today to embrace a relaxing approach to preventative wellness.

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Membership Options

Make IV Drip Therapy a Part of your Wellness Routine

  • Level 1: Maintain
    1 Lifestyle Drip per month
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    20% off regular drip price
  • Level 2: Improve
    2 Lifestyle Drips per month
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    25% off regular drip price
  • Enhance
    Membership Add-Ons Enhance your membership with Access to our Additional Services
    +$99/Month to Your Membership Fee

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