Health is a Lifestyle

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Look & Feel Your Best with IV Drip Therapy

There may be nothing more critical to avoiding disease, preserving youth, and enhancing longevity than maintaining a healthy body fat percentage. We know that conventional diets do not work to maintain a healthy weight; they invite cycles of weight loss and weight regain. Trendy workouts come and go, offering short-term results. Yet staying fit and healthy requires continued effort. At The DRIPBaR, we take a revolutionary approach to weight loss that delivers lasting results. 

The DRIPBaR uses a combination of infusions and supplements designed to fit your life and make The DRIPBaR weight loss program the last one you will ever need.

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At The DRIPBaR, we understand that the key to helping the body lose weight is to provide it with essential vitamins and minerals. The Zone weight loss program is designed to support your body on your journey to a healthier you. A mixture of IV Lifestyle Drips and IM Quick Shots, this two-month-long program will keep your energy levels up and enhance the fat-burning process. This program consists of the following:  

  • Powerpack Drips - The Powerpack will boost energy levels to help you stay motivated and energized for your workout routines. 
  • Allstar Drips - The Allstar helps to enhance your athletic performance and muscle recovery. 
  • IM Lean Quick Shots - The IM Lean Quick Shot is given in between drips to help burn fat and promote energy. 

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Our team would love to discuss your needs and help you determine if our weight loss program is right for you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today – or stop by our drip bar and chat with one of our Drip Concierges. They’ll explain this program and others so that you have a comprehensive understanding of what we offer.

*The DRIPBaR weight loss program does not guarantee any specific weight reduction. It is a program that, when utilized with a healthy diet and exercise, can serve to enhance weight loss.

Health is a Lifestyle

Find a DRIPBaR Near You