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Because Your Health Matters Most

Your health never stops being important, no matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re in. Taking a proactive, intentional approach to your health and wellness benefits you in the long run no matter your age. Exercising regularly, eating low-fat foods or even having a plant-based diet, and getting a minimum of 6 hours of sleep per night are all part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Sometimes though, even they aren’t enough. Your body can’t stay healthy without your support and good decision-making, and there’s only so much you can do on your own. When you’re doing everything you’re supposed to and you’re still not seeing the results you want, that’s where we come in. The DRIPBaR St. Johns is here to give you a way to optimize your health routine and bring out your full potential in a way that you couldn’t achieve with diet and exercise alone. Our vitamin IV Drips supply your body with vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. We have IV vitamin drips for energy, recovery, immunity, and anti-aging, and can customize them based on your specific health needs.

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The Benefits Of IV Therapy

IV therapy has become increasingly popular in the last few years as an effective way to replenish essential vitamins and nutrients in the body. Some of the benefits of our IV drips include: 

  • Improves energy levels. One of the most significant benefits of IV therapy is that it increases energy levels. With the delivery of fluids, vitamins, and minerals directly into the bloodstream, the body is given a boost of energy that is more efficient than consuming supplements. This increased energy is particularly beneficial for athletes, as it aids in quicker recovery from intense physical activity, allowing for improved athletic performance.
  • Aids in fighting illness and disease. IV therapy can also boost the immune system and help individuals fight chronic diseases such as cancer and Crohn's disease. By delivering a high dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream, the body's natural defense mechanisms are strengthened, which can help in preventing and managing chronic diseases and illnesses.
  • Provides essential vitamins & nutrients. Another major benefit of IV therapy is that it replenishes essential vitamins and nutrients that the body may be lacking. Many individuals struggle to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for proper health through diet alone. IV therapy provides a means of directly delivering these essential elements to the body, allowing for better overall health and wellness.

Although it is not a cure-all, IV therapy is an excellent option for individuals who want to attain optimal health and wellness.

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Our Lifestyle IV Drip Options

Energy IV Drips

Our specially formulated energy IV drips are designed to provide a significant boost in energy and give you a competitive edge for your day. Packed with beneficial components including high doses of vitamin C, B vitamins, L-arginine, Tri-amino, antioxidants, and micronutrients, these drips offer both brain and cellular benefits. Additionally, they effectively replenish lost magnesium, which often occurs during activities that lead to sweating. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or want to optimize your performance, these energy drips provide the essential elements to help you stay at the top of your game.

Anti-Aging IV Drips

Our anti-aging Time Machine drip is designed to draw out toxic metals like lead while infusing your body with vitamins to promote healthy organ function. On the other hand, our Firm IV drip provides generous amounts of vitamin C, B vitamins, and biotin, offering vital support for vibrant hair, skin, and nails. By nourishing your body from within, these IV drips play a vital role in enhancing your overall anti-aging efforts, helping you look and feel your best.

Immunity IV Drips

Boost your body's defenses with our specially designed immunity IV drips, formulated to give your immune system a much-needed boost and reduce the risk of illness. These drips are particularly beneficial at combating colds, sinus infections, bronchitis, and other viral infections. Moreover, they may offer preventive support against stress-induced viral illnesses such as cold sores, shingles, herpes, and similar conditions. By bolstering your immune system with our specialized IV drips, you can enhance your body's ability to ward off illnesses and maintain optimal health.

Recovery IV Drips

Revitalize your body and mind with our recovery IV drips, carefully crafted to provide support for tense muscles and mental fatigue. Packed with a potent blend of vitamins and magnesium, these drips offer vital cell support and help alleviate muscle pain, spasms, headaches, and anxiety symptoms. Additionally, they include essential B vitamins, zinc, vitamin C, and micronutrients that contribute to improved mental health. Whether you seek rehydration, relief from alcohol-related hangover effects, or recovery after long-distance travel, our recovery IV drips are tailored to address these concerns and help you feel rejuvenated and revitalized.

Fuel Your Body With What it Needs

Details matter when it comes to IV drips, because it’s a more involved health and wellness solution than taking oral, over-the-counter vitamins and supplements. Health is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and neither is IV vitamin therapy. That’s why rather than pre-mixing our drips, we make them based on the benefits you want and the health goals you want to achieve. 

Our registered nurses and IV drip specialists will work with you to learn about what you’re looking for - be that a rise in your energy levels or a boost to your immune system - and make suggestions on what drips are best for you. Ask about our monthly memberships to get discounted IV Lifestyle drips every month!

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The Benefits Of IV Drip Therapy

  • Feeds Cells More

    Intravenous nutrients enter straight into the blood stream instead of the much slower digestive tract.

  • Supports Organs And
    Functional Systems

    Optimal nutrient absorption allows organs and drainage pathways to function at a peak level.

  • Neutralizes Harmful
    Free Radicals

    Antioxidants provided in drips help the body fight disease and injury by binding to free radicals.

  • Strengthens
    Immune System

    Intravenous antioxidants and nutrients are fully absorbed into the cells to boost the immune system.


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